I love immersive theatre but I hate costume parties.

I’m excited for this but I really have no idea what to wear, or what ‘character’ to inhabit. I think I may have to play the role of someone who stumbled into this thing by accident and therefore looks out of place (within the imagined world of the show/party) but also as though they’re this way on purpose (at the meta level). Or, you know, I could just get over it and try to have a good time …

‘March 1972. The curtain has just closed on opening night of a brand new musical theatre experience. Backstage, the cast and crew are abuzz with adrenalin, hope, congratulations and recriminations. Do they have a smash on their hands? Were the months of hard work and late-night dance rehearsals worth it? Most importantly, who is secretly sleeping with the lead choreographer?

Live art production house The Boon Companions invite you to dig out your best Fosse-inspired outfit and throw yourself into the joy and madness of their Cast Party. There’ll be drinking, dancing, and the occasional explosive starlet meltdown.

From the team who brought you immersive theatre parties The Wedding Reception and Le Petit Salon comes a new experiential celebration of optimism and joy. Dress the part, inhabit your character, and keep your eyes and ears open at all times. You never know who or what you mind find..

Warning: Adult concepts, coarse language, loud music, alcohol served.’

Source: Dance Magic Dance: Cast Party | Festival of Live Art

‘You have to seek things out’

‘The element of choice also allows for a variety of experiences. The artist mentions that “Two people who go to one of our events can go home and they’ll both have a very different experience. One of them could go ‘Did you see that room with the piano and the glitter cannons?’ In response someone else could go ‘What are you talking about? I was in a cab ride with a horse!’ It’s not about passively sitting there as an audience sitting there and watching what is being presented for us.

“You have to seek things out if you want to and depending on the time, where you are and how much you seek, you’re experience will be completely different to everyone else.”’

Source: The immersive theatre of The Boon Companions on anonymity, costumes and dancing. – Arts on the AU

Escape of the Werewolf!

‘You will, at some stage, get sprayed with blood. We don’t recommend Prada.’

A friend drew my attention to Escape of the Werewolf (happening in Melbourne and Sydney, later this year). It’s a limited-time event described as being ‘Australia’s only fully immersive scare experience’ and I really wish I could get there for it … I think. There’s a chance I’d actually be “too much of a pillow” to follow-through on the opportunity…


This is not a review. However, it may do some things that a review might do. If you read this in the near future (in the near future of my posting that is) it may persuade you to see the show. But, that’s not really my intent. I’m actually writing this to help me reflect on my own experiences of the production and develop my own project ideas and ideas about ‘immersive’ theatre. So, utterly biased, subjective and agenda-filled musings within.

Also, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! But probably not as I’m really talking about the ‘structure’ of the experience rather than anything too specific about what actually happens.

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