Creating Experiential Theater: Devising Theater

Creating Experiential Theater: Devising Theater

Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

3 hours – $40

Held at Kingsland Ward (directions)

* Open to all skill levels. A dance or theater background is not required, but a willingness to move, speak and experiment with various performance techniques is requisite.

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The Green Room

This production (The Green Room) happened back in late 2013 so it’s now almost 12-months later that I’m jotting down a few thoughts.

I went to this production because I was excited to see something happening in Hobart that was a little bit different (or a little bit different from the types of performance and theatre events that I’d been aware of in Hobart anyway). I was also excited to visit a location that would be new to me and to be able to access (potentially) some of that ‘visitor in a strange land’ feeling that I get when traveling. Continue reading “The Green Room”

How did I get here? (Part 1)

One of the things I’ve been thinking about in relation to my PhD candidature and research is how I’m positioned in terms of my relationship to (or within) the case study of Sleep No More and Sleep No More audiences.

It’s a particularly important question now for a few reasons: I’m trying to nut out my methods chapter; I’m aware that this question of my position is going to an important one to keep an eye on throughout my project because of the potential for researcher bias; and because I’m starting to make contact with people about Sleep No More with my ‘researcher’ hat on.

It’s the last part of that that I want to focus on here. It occurs to me that it might be helpful to potential participants to know a little bit more about me and what my intentions are. Of course, as a normal part of the project there are formal participant information sheets and project descriptions but those don’t necessarily leave a lot of room for the ‘story’ of who I am and what I’m bringing with me to the project. I guess I feel as though, if I’m asking people to tell me their stories, it’s not unreasonable to expect that I should share mine.

So, here’s a little story about me and how I ended up doing both a PhD and this particular PhD.

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Sleep No More audience experiences

As part of my PhD research I’ll be exploring the ways audiences engage with the New York City production of Sleep No More. In addition to looking at the material that’s already published online I’m also seeking opinions, insights, memories and stories via a survey and a number of semi-structured interviews.

If you’ve been to Sleep No More or the McKittrick Hotel (or you’re intending to go) would you consider taking part in my research? There are two surveys set-up – one is an actual survey which will ask you questions about your experiences and expectations and the other is an ‘opt-in’ as a potential interview subject. There’s more information (including a fairly comprehensive participant information sheet for the survey) at the following links:

If you’d like to participate but just aren’t sure about any of the above, please feel free to get in touch.


This is not a review. However, it may do some things that a review might do. If you read this in the near future (in the near future of my posting that is) it may persuade you to see the show. But, that’s not really my intent. I’m actually writing this to help me reflect on my own experiences of the production and develop my own project ideas and ideas about ‘immersive’ theatre. So, utterly biased, subjective and agenda-filled musings within.

Also, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! But probably not as I’m really talking about the ‘structure’ of the experience rather than anything too specific about what actually happens.

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