A mobile opera for 18 cars

I can’t help but think about all of the logistical risks and obstacles that would need to be overcome for this show. I mean, the timing of things would surely have to be so elastic (to deal with any traffic possibilities) and that elasticity seems like such a challenge when you’re working with theatre, dance and music. Then to throw the idea of synchronized events between cars into the mix… I wonder how many of those things they’ve already worked through? I’d be so curious to hear how this one turns out.


Is that all there is?

So this is it. I’m nearing the end of my visit to NYC and I’m alarmed that I still haven’t updated this blog. But, much much more alarming is that tonight is my last visit to Sleep No More. For this trip. Possibly forever.

Part of me wants to head in and try to check-off some of the scenes I haven’t yet seen (e.g. the first prophecy) but I think I’m just going to do my best to chase the magic instead. What is the magic? I think the magic for me are the moments when I feel ‘close’ to the world of the show. Part of that is seeing something new or unexpected but it’s also anytime when I’m being more than I’m thinking about being.

My most recent visit was a double (two shows in one night). At the late show I found it really, really difficult to find moments that would let me into the show. I was either seeing things I’d seen before or, more often, feeling frustrated by the crowds because no matter how many times I tried to avoid the crowds it seemed I could only find a different crowd. But maybe this was exacerbated by my exhaustion and how much I’d loved the early show. Still, I found one or two moments and the whole experience forced me to do something I’d been meaning to try: heading back to the Manderley during the show.


So, it turns out that doing a PhD plus a couple of casual jobs and planning a trip away can keep you a bit busy. I have a lot to catch-up on and have neglected this blog terribly over the last couple of weeks. Which is a shame because I’ve seen some interesting shows, read some interesting things and talked to some very interesting people!

Hopefully lots of updates very soon!

[search term] + “for dummies”

I don’t think I’m alone in struggling with getting my head around where I (and my research) sit in terms of ontology and epistemology. Trying to dig down and make visible to yourself the kinds of beliefs that you’ve tended to take for granted is difficult. So, I’ve been reading a lot on the topic and starting to feel as though I have some kind of (very loose) grip on it. But, as soon as I start to feel as though I might understand it I think, “Well, if I feel like I understand it then I’m obviously missing something and don’t really understand it at all”. i.e. My default position seems to be, if I can understand it then I’ve obviously misunderstood it. Not helpful!

So, to try to reassure myself that I have at least grasped the basics I find myself googling [search term] + “for dummies”.

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Quick update re PhD research survey/s

Quick update about where things are at the moment re my PhD research survey/s:

  • Responses to the main SNM experience survey keep flooding in. So wonderful. Can’t wait to dive into that. I’ll probably keep the survey open for a good while yet though so there’s still plenty of time to add your voice.
  • Responses also coming in to the ‘opt-in’ for interview which is incredibly wonderful. I’ll be starting to contact people in the next week or so re scheduling (particularly those who might be available for a face-to-face interview in NYC in December).

I also know that I’m way overdue in getting to the next installment of my ‘introduction to SNM‘ recap that started here. That’s mainly just a reflection of how busy I’ve been. But, I’ve realised I’m also slightly … intimidated? Why intimidated? Well, for one, so many people have shared their SNM experiences online with such poetry and insight; the bar is high! Also, SNM has pretty literally been a ‘life-changer’ for me. So, attempting to capture that (and fix it in writing) is intimidating.

But, these are the kinds of challenges that I imagine many people writing up SNM recaps might face so, even just as an exercise in feeling first-hand what that might be like, this struggle is really useful. But, I’ve set myself a deadline. Part 2 will beĀ  written and up here by this time next week :)

‘Opt-in’ for interview

If you want to just skip straight ahead to ‘opt-in’ and put your hand up to be an interview participant in my study – the direct link is: https://www.surveymoz.com/s/opt-in

Apologies that you might be giving me some info twice (if you’ve done the main survey as well) – it’s an unavoidable side-effect of keeping the main survey 100% anonymous.