Bring Out Your Dead

Last year, I ran a little jam called Bring Out Your Dead, for which people could submit unfinished projects and weird concept experiments. And I started doing some write-ups at the time of the pieces that caught my attention, but in some kind of meta keeping with the jam, I didn’t finish and publish […]

via A few more corpses from BOYD — Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling

Absolutely love this ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ idea – to have a showing/airing of works that aren’t finished (and will possibly never be finished). Maybe it allows you to see what is worth hanging on to. Or lets you put it to rest. Or at least celebrate that you were trying something even if it was never going to work.

This was the overview from the event (which expresses the above so much more elegantly and precisely):

Bring Out Your Dead is an event for sharing dead WIPs and experiments that you don’t expect to finish, but that you’d like to show to someone anyway. It’s a chance to cleanse your hard drive, move on from old ideas, and salvage some learning from things that didn’t work out. It’s also an opportunity for your community to learn from your mistakes — which can be just as useful as learning from a success. Ambitious follies, bizarre experiments, toys, and notions that in retrospect never had a chance — all are welcome.

You are also welcome, and indeed encouraged, to provide some context about your work. What were you trying to achieve? What do you think is most or least successful about what you did? Why did you ultimately decide to abandon the project? Are there things you think others could learn from the project?

There is no ranking in this jam: it’s not about competition and judgments. However, discussion is welcome, especially if you find something in someone’s entry that sparks your imagination.


This would work so well in the context of performance-making. I’m going to do it. I’m going to book a space for a day or weekend and put out the call. Emily Short, I hope you don’t mind? #watchthisspace


The Gift

Browning’s fiction comes with the warning that any encounter with her, even a brief one, might carry the risk of deeper involvement.

Source: The Inappropriately Intimate Exchanges of Barbara Browning – The New Yorker

You had me at ‘risk of deeper involvement’ and ‘inappropriate intimacies’…

Off to start reading The Gift now.


Didn’t realise there was a trailer!

Getting an extra kick out of this following a conversation with friends about what kind of fruit we would be (if we were a fruit). Pomegranate seemed to be the answer for me. A little difficult? Not everyone can be bothered making the effort? Hidden jewels?

This way to the House of Shadows

If someone described me as ‘crafty’ I would assume they meant in the cunning, sly, full of plans way (and I wouldn’t be sure whether to be complimented or outraged). That said, this book, L. Delaney’s House of Shadows, is rather appealing:

A puppet narrator — created by artist Dr. Superhelga — walks readers through the crowded rooms of his eerie Victorian mansion in this unique combination of a storybook and craft guide. The curiosities that L. Delaney exhibits in full-color photographs form the miniature, step-by-step projects detailed in the second part of the book. Suitable for dollhouses, shadow boxes, and other displays, the items include books, candles, picture frames, furniture, and much more, including the very haunted house itself.


The less I know about myself the more I can imagine

Trent Baumann

This year I will try and use my imagination. It is one of things about me I find most useful.  Imagine if one didn’t know what year it was, what your favourite food was or what size your underpants were. Maybe I would try new things.  Each year I write a list of things I will do; practice tai chi, learn to play the piano, speak French. This year I will imagine that I have forgotten to do those things that I never do anyway and every new thing will be a fresh adventure. I might forget to brush my hair, I might forget where I live, and I might even forget myself. Then, I will find myself and this year & I will be more than I could ever imagine.

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