This is extraordinary. But, beware, because it’s also full of big, sad feels. Which, if you’re empathetic, you might enjoy…

I’m not sure about that idea of pleasure in/from the sadness. I’m not sure that ‘it exists at a safe distance’. But it is beautiful.

Crossing: Launceston (13 June 2017)

My best-laid plans to be in Hobart for Dark Mofo this year fell apart. Happily, I was still able to experience a little of the festival elsewhere in Tasmania courtesy of The Crossing, a project by the unconscious collective.  I’m even in the little video snippet below :)


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  • Wondering what testing, if any, you need to do before playing big, dense music in a ‘found’ venue such as this. My ear drums were crackling – I wonder if all those stained glass windows were too…
  • Amusing myself waiting for the show to begin:

Preshow entertainment

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That’s how we do it here

Maybe I’d had a little to drink when I wrote this post. But, oh boy, those feels.

I know there are a lot of things, people, events that are deserving of ongoing attention. But I really hope David Bowie is amongst them. That he died and yet he lives (Laura-Palmer style?). That well beyond my lifetime people still have this sense of this person, this concept, of David Bowie.