Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. There’s not much here yet. That will change quite quickly.

A bit about me:

I’m a PhD student at the University of Tasmania, Australia. My project (aka thesis or dissertation) is focused on (and inspired by) the New York City production of Sleep No More. If you’d like to know more (or would like to get in touch with me) my official University web profile is here.

Although my PhD is my major focus at the moment I’m also, slowly, working on rediscovering my own writing and creative arts practice. So, from time to time you’ll see posts about that here too.

About this blog:

I’ve tried to blog a few times (with varying levels of success). This time around my purpose is really just to get comfortable with the ‘public’ eye and help get my ‘early onset perfectionism’ under control. It’ll be a mixed-bag in terms of content, quality and regularity of posting. Sounds great, hey?

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