Have you ever?

‘Our first task as audience members is to use the app to state our own sexuality. We are, unlike the performers, unseen and unaccountable as our fingers flit across our touchscreens and the breakdown is displayed on the projection wall. Other questions follow: “When was the last time you had sex?,” “At what age did you lose your virginity?” The answers feel variously mischievous, unreliable and confessional.’

Source: http://www.realtimearts.net/article/125/11839

Reading this (a review of ActNowTheatre’s Zero Feet Away by Ben Brooker) I was reminded of a moment in Third Rail Project’s Then She Fell when I was asked a series of questions about love and lies. I’ve been ‘in’ that particular scene in Then She Fell every time I’ve been to the show and I’ve been struck by how powerfully I’ve wanted to tell the truth each time. I consciously tried to lie once (partly because I felt vulnerable and partly because I wanted to ‘play’ the scene differently that time round) but I just couldn’t do it. It’s an interesting, imagined contrast for me with how I think I would experience the kind of scene being described by Brooker above. Obviously the two productions are trying to do very different things but, perhaps, they have a common interest in intimacy and truth.

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