We find our feet; we keep on walking

‘We find our feet; we keep on walking is a new interdisciplinary performance work by Trisha Dunn. Essentially hinging itself on the pursuit of connection, the work uses both theatre and dance-based practice to re-imagine the relationship between an audience and a performer. Set within a performance venue audience members interact with the performers in small groups and one to one. Through a series of meetings the audience members discover something distinctive about the performer – something they may share with them.  They become privy to various narratives unfolding, stories inspired by memories of performance and the real life events which underpinned them. These events may be recent or from childhood, they may be joyous or difficult but most importantly they serve as a link between the audience and the performers, reminding us of the things that connect us. A second stage creative development based in Hobart in The Peacock Theatre is being planned for mid 2015.’

I was lucky enough to meet Trisha at a creative development weekend when she was still in the early stages of developing her ideas for this work. I’m really looking forward to hearing more (and seeing more) of this project. So pleased to see that it is one of the Salamanca Arts Centre’s supported HyPE projects for 2015.

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