Visual Haiku

One of the main reasons I’m trying to get this blogging thing up and happening is that I think it will be a useful resource for my PhD. When I look back at things I’ve written I’m often surprised by how much I seemed to know about my projects, my ideas, my life in general without realising that I knew those things at the time. I’m still working out how best to do this though – particularly as I don’t want to write too literally about the PhD itself here as I think I’d rather keep this space a little lower stakes.

So, I’ve been keeping my eye out for ways other researchers or writers or artists (or anyone) use their blogging as a kind of cataloguing as well as conversation-having tool.

One of the most unique examples I’ve come across so far is Sandra Gaudenzi’s ‘Visual Haiku’ of her PhD experience. You can see it here: Visual Haiku .:. Interactive Documentary. I’m really drawn to this idea. Maybe because, when I was studying Fine Arts last year, I really enjoyed the break from written language and I’ve been lamenting the fact that I’ve lost track of that so far this year. The ‘Visual Haiku’ – or something along similar lines – feels like an opportunity to simultaneously stretch and relax my brain and gain a different kind of insight into what I’m doing.

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