This year of “xxxxxx”

So far, this year (this year of “xxxxxx”) has been a doozy.

As I wrote in the post linked above, I have that superstitious leaning towards believing that what’s happening at midnight of a New Year will somehow describe (or determine) the coming year.

At the transition of 2016-2017 I was hearing fireworks. But not seeing them. Was that an important distinction? I do feel like this year so far has been a little explosive. I’ve tried some new things. Maybe there were some fireworks. Or maybe those fireworks were only in my mind’s eye/ear and otherwise not quite present. Like the fireworks I could hear but not see.And I’m not sure I’ve really settled on a defining / shaping ‘one word’ for the year yet either. I’ve played around with one. But it hasn’t quite stuck. Looking back at what I wrote about this I wonder if, in describing the year as the year of “xxxxxx” I’ve somehow adopted that as the word?

What would a one word of “xxxxxx” mean?

  • It’s not really a word. The negative: things are not quite what they are meant to be? The more positive: historical norms are not being followed.
  • Short-hand / symbolic for kisses. The positive: kisses. The negative: often used as a good-bye.
  • Place-holder. The negative: unclear, not identified, missing. The positive: not identified, not set, possibility.

Anyway, I think I like it. I’m going to run with it. It’s a little hard to explain. Maybe in the way that this year, this me in this year, is a little hard to explain.

[Edit: I thought of more. xxxxxx can also mean redacted or censored. Not sure what the positive twist on that is. I certainly have been unusually sweary this year…]

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