The Awful 2017

Absolutely. Yes.

“As this year comes to a close, all I hear anyone talk about is how grateful they are that such a snafu of a year is ending.  After listening to this commotion, I myself began to start feeling that 2017 was indeed one of the worst years of my life …

I asked myself: how can I ensure that 2018 does not become such an awful year?”

via The Awful 2017 – Live with a Heart

(Oops, I tried to reblog this earlier but it went to my old site. Apologies if anyone followed a bad link to nowhere …)

By the way – don’t be put off by the title – this isn’t another blog looking backwards or even necessarily agreeing with the (remarkably common) opinion that 2017 sucked. This blogger is looking forward to identify how she can ensure that she stays focused on the good, the personal, the things she has some control and influence over. Rather than being swept away on any kind of more universal tide of negativity.

Because no doubt there’s plenty of hard times ahead. There always is. I personally don’t begrudge it or even want to avoid it. But I do want to ensure I strive for some balance and celebrate what I can, where I can. Because bad never destroys the good. Just as good never cancels out the bad. It’s just a very good reminder to, well, actively remember and practice that. Balance. And grounded, realistic gratitude.

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