From NY to Seoul – seeking artistic gems for 2017 – Ten Days on the Island

Ten Days on the Island Artistic Director David Malacari reflecting on what he’s seen and what he’s thinking about in terms of the 2017 Festival program:

‘But then there are the amazing things. A Korean re-imagining of a Marquez tale in traditional Korean pansori style, or a performance installation in an old water pumping station at night time where a small audience, armed with torches, was led down through the vast concrete halls of an abandoned complex that has been turned over as a venue for street artists.

Wouldn’t that be something to wish for in Tasmania – a venue in which young artists could experiment and expand their craft and imaginations – really turning Tasmania into a creative state? Macquarie Point? Inveresk? An old hydro facility somewhere on the island? The old Burnie paper mill?’

via From NY to Seoul – seeking artistic gems for 2017 – Ten Days on the Island.

Yes! Yes please … keep thinking in this direction. As much as I’ve enjoyed a number of outstanding mainstage shows it’s the unusual venues and experiences that (personally) really enliven and enrich my experience (as creator and/or audience).

Blue Angel

Blue Angel by Big hART Inc will premiere during the (rebranded) Ten Days/Tasmanian International Arts Festival next month. I’m looking forward to it but am also trying to keep my expectations from getting too far out of proportion… we’ll see how that goes!

‘Drown yourself in music, sound design, installation, video, art, homebrew, shoeshine, beards, tattoos, Old Spice and rope splicing as Blue Angel brings this haunt for lovers and seafarers alive through a unique performance experience.’

Source: Blue Angel at Tasmanian International Arts Festival.

Photo linked from: Blue Angel at Tasmanian International Arts Festival. (Image credits from Blue Angel website: Taken by Brett Boardman, treated by Wah, featuring seafarer Peter Heagney.)