A mobile opera for 18 cars

I can’t help but think about all of the logistical risks and obstacles that would need to be overcome for this show. I mean, the timing of things would surely have to be so elastic (to deal with any traffic possibilities) and that elasticity seems like such a challenge when you’re working with theatre, dance and music. Then to throw the idea of synchronized events between cars into the mix… I wonder how many of those things they’ve already worked through? I’d be so curious to hear how this one turns out.


The Green Room

This production (The Green Room) happened back in late 2013 so it’s now almost 12-months later that I’m jotting down a few thoughts.

I went to this production because I was excited to see something happening in Hobart that was a little bit different (or a little bit different from the types of performance and theatre events that I’d been aware of in Hobart anyway). I was also excited to visit a location that would be new to me and to be able to access (potentially) some of that ‘visitor in a strange land’ feeling that I get when traveling. Continue reading