‘the strange thing’

‘I don’t trust people easily. However, in a Punchdrunk show I have no problem putting my complete trust into a (most of the time) complete stranger. I don’t know most of the performers in the show and yet I’ve let them blindfold me, take me into pitch black rooms, force feed me oranges (don’t ask) and I’ve drunk whatever they have handed me without asking what exactly I was about to swallow. It’s the strange thing a Punchdrunk show will do to me. I become obedient in a way but it also sets me free.’

via Punchdrunk — live, love and eat cupcakes.


Digital storytelling revives the art of gossip

“And gossip is a very different kind of story to the polished ones professional authors write – sprawling, untidy, infinite. It is also multi-directional, told not simply from teller to listener, but collaboratively across networks of people, each of whom puts their own spin on the tale, adding new information, embellishing juicy points, omitting the parts that don’t suit.”

via Digital storytelling revives the art of gossip – Katherine May – Aeon.