Lately, in an attempt to stay a little sane and a little optimistic about the world, I’ve been doing quite a lot of meditation. Often, these meditations call for me to imagine a safe place – a sanctuary. I find this bit difficult. There are very few actual places that I’ve been where I’ve felt that sort of “home” that I think the script is calling for.

But, I’ll go with what comes to mind. And what comes to mind is rarely an actual place that I’ve been (though once or twice it has been a local library from my childhood). The places are drawn from photos I’ve seen that have conveyed some sense of a place where I could feel that combination of comfort and inspiration. Places like this: Continue reading


Placemaking Lab

“We will host provocations on architecture, urban exploration, urban planning, real-world game design, cartography, graffiti, street art, and prankster activism. Masterclasses will cover lock picking, safe cracking, risk assessment, first responder medical training, nautical skills, and jerry rigging. Expect works in progress, playtests, messy experiments, and good company.”

via Sextantworks – Not Known Because Not Looked For.