How I wish I’d made it to NYC to see this. It’s also a really inspiring story in terms of how it all came about … there are a lot of empty rooms / buildings out there …

‘In the small rooms, winding basement, and chapel next door, he saw participants brought to tears by the interactions they had inside the House. “It always seemed like the good kind of crying, like people released some sort of emotion or some memory that they haven’t talked about in a while, and have some sort of a breakthrough or catharsis.”’

via Future of Storytelling | Immersive Theater is Still Cool.


‘Buy a ticket, find out your character’

supercinema2Supercinema at the McKittrick Hotel: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, 13 Feb. 2016.

I really loved this film. I remember dreaming about it in the lead-up to its release; so it feels like a good match with Sleep No More in terms of its tendency to inhabit the sleeping mind.

But, looking at the ‘buy tickets’ page and the big list of character pictures, I’m wondering – will this be anything more than a big dress-up party?

Not that there’s anything wrong with it just being a party where you’re given a character ‘category’ to dress as (e.g. the Montagues or the Capulets)… but wouldn’t it be amazing if the experience somehow transcended that. I’m imagining that ‘through the fishtank’ scene in the movie – the immersion and wonder and speechlessness of that. Would there be a way to create that feeling and experience (which is necessarily intimate) for more than a few audience members at such a large event? Does it matter?


‘A pas de deux of desire and death, a midlife crisis, a coming of age, and a search for the Fountain of Youth at the resort of the eternally brokenhearted.’

via About — The Grand Paradise.

Quick! Buy your preview tickets now. And, if someone could buy me a ticket and fly me to NYC then that would really be a grand paradise. Hell, I’d accept buying a ticket and then dressing up as me and going to the show. Bonus points for finding my personalised “Guest Check-in Form” that’s going to be in there somewhere (courtesy of Kickstarter Backer rewards). It brings me some degree of comfort that I’m ‘there’ in some form…

Preview tickets now on sale


Placemaking Lab

“We will host provocations on architecture, urban exploration, urban planning, real-world game design, cartography, graffiti, street art, and prankster activism. Masterclasses will cover lock picking, safe cracking, risk assessment, first responder medical training, nautical skills, and jerry rigging. Expect works in progress, playtests, messy experiments, and good company.”

via Sextantworks – Not Known Because Not Looked For.

“Composing Kingsland Ward”

Sometimes, when I’m writing (or thinking about the fact that I should be writing) it helps to transport myself away from my everyday and towards a place where rules are less clear. Listing to this music sample from Third Rail Project’s Then She Fell (Composer: Sean Hagerty) always helps.

(Visit the full post about the sound and music in The She Fell on the Third Rail Projects’ Tumblog here)

Make the Aqua Twin Tank a reality!

Only 10 days to go until the Kickstarter for Third Rail Project’s The Grand Paradise ends. That’s 10 days to help the project reach its final stretch goal: an aquarium to perform in!

I selected the “Deluxe Upgrade Tropical Storm Package” because then I get to be present at The Grand Paradise in some form even if I never make it back to NYC to see it in person…