Mystery Show

I’m late to the podcast party. Just last week I binge-listened to Season One of Serial. I’d been intrigued when it was all happening last year but knew, just knew, that if I so much as peaked into that rabbit-hole as it was happening that I would be sucked up for days, weeks, months into reading all of the blogs, all of the reddit, all of the everything. Time and attention I couldn’t afford then (or now). So, as it stands to date, I’ve only “lost” one afternoon to trawling the net for more tidbits, more story, more speculation because I joined late. I think I got off lightly.

However, although I managed not to get too sucked into Serial itself I am now facing a bigger podcast habit: I’m subscribing to shows and downloading episodes faster than I can listen to them. It’s books all over again.

One of the episodes I’ve enjoyed most so far is S1 Ep 1 of Mystery Show: ‘Case #1: Video Store’.  The initial case appeals to me (a store that’s there and then not there) because it reminds me of something that happens in The Changeover by Margaret Mahy (a favourite childhood book of mine). But, beyond that, I enjoy the way that Kine tracks down leads using a mixture of deduction, intuition and imagination. It’s a little bit Special Agent Cooper and unexpectedly moving. I’m hoping the rest of the season, although perhaps a little more mundane on the surface, will prove just as interesting.