‘A writing and reading adventure in participatory fiction. Will you read and write the story with us?’

via Introducing Story Unbound — Story Unbound — Medium.

This is an interesting idea that I bookmarked a little while ago. The short story is that it’s a collaborative writing experiment using the Medium writing/publishing platform. It’s not something that I have the time or motivation to get involved with myself but I was intrigued to see how/where it was going.

Checking back in on it today I see there are a number of stories/beginnings that have been ‘unbound’ and put out there for others to ‘stitch’ into/onto.

Something I think is really neat is the way that ‘story maps’ are being created using Coggle. For example, a story map of ‘The Tests’ (as it stands today):


Unbind and stitch


Placemaking Lab

“We will host provocations on architecture, urban exploration, urban planning, real-world game design, cartography, graffiti, street art, and prankster activism. Masterclasses will cover lock picking, safe cracking, risk assessment, first responder medical training, nautical skills, and jerry rigging. Expect works in progress, playtests, messy experiments, and good company.”

via Sextantworks – Not Known Because Not Looked For.