Fight horror with horror

As a kid, I loved that my birthday fell around the time of change in daylight savings. This meant that for the latter part of my birthday party it would not be unfeasible to have some activities conducted under the cover of darkness (or at least dusk). I don’t remember if this actually ever happened … but I’m sure I really wanted to turn my birthday party into some kind of ghost storytelling extravaganza.

And that was pretty much where my joyful embrace of the scary stopped. I found a lot of things very frightening as a kid: parts of my house … particular objects … the way my light flickered when I turned it on and off. And especially clowns (but that’s a whole other thing).

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‘You will, at some stage, get sprayed with blood. We don’t recommend Prada.’

A friend drew my attention to Escape of the Werewolf (happening in Melbourne and Sydney, later this year). It’s a limited-time event described as being ‘Australia’s only fully immersive scare experience’ and I really wish I could get there for it … I think. There’s a chance I’d actually be “too much of a pillow” to follow-through on the opportunity…

Escape of the Werewolf!