The Mirror

The Ghosts of Nothing have embarked on a series of imagined and mime-based performances within the conceptual architecture of a ‘world tour’ of a ‘rock opera’ titled In Memory of Johnny B Goode remedialised as a ‘play’ in three acts:

1. World Tour of Abandoned Music Venues 2014 – 2015

2. World Tour of Remote Wilderness 2015 – 2016

3. World Tour of Abandoned Goal-Houses 2016 – 2017

Contemporary Art Tasmania will host the Tasmanian mime-based performance as part of the Ghosts of Nothing: World Tour of Remote Wilderness 2015 – 2016. For this performance the Ghosts of Nothing will collaborate with Laura Purcell.’

via The Mirror – Contemporary Art Tasmania


What’s the time Mr Wolf

This video is a recording of the live performance of a fast-development, work-in-progress showing of What’s the time Mr Wolf at the Eugene O’Neill National Puppetry Conference (USA) 2014. It’s the work of my dear friend  Laura Purcell (aka feminineartisticdesire) and her collaborators and, despite being a work that was created in a very short time period I think it’s very effective and very resolved. And quite touching. It’s a great reminder of the creative clarity that can come about despite time and/or resource constraints.

There’s a bit of environmental disturbance in the recording but it’s really worth watching with the sound on. (To watch this video click on the ‘Watch on Vimeo” button below.)