I haven’t written anything on here until now about Bowie’s death and the shocking, surprised grief that I felt.

I got the news via a notification on my phone. I was working back late and had been listening to a podcast while I did a mountain of scanning. I was leaving the photocopy room when the notification from the New York Times app popped up. I think I said something out loud. Maybe an exclamation like ‘What?!’ or ‘No way!’. I stepped out into corridor – which turned on the movement activated lights – and saw water dripping down through one of the light fittings. It was a small thing, to see water dripping down from the floor above (where it turned out there was quite a lot of flooding due to some kind of fault or breakage), but it underscored that feeling of ‘What on Earth is going on??’ that I felt in response to the notification. Continue reading


Something in our skies

‘With an air of bemused contempt, getting lost in his mad pantomime, Bowie contorted himself, moving in exaggerated, jerky gestures; he acted as if the audience didn’t exist, that he was playing to a mirror, then he would suddenly acknowledge the crowd with leers and half-smiles.’

via The Hearts Filthy Lesson | Pushing Ahead of the Dame.