Another Other

I think I would find it challenging to go to a live performance event and find myself seated in front of a large cinema screen for the duration. An interesting piece of video/video documentation though (and maybe that challenge is the point).

RealTime Arts review suggests there may be more to it (in terms of the ‘liveness’ of the experience) than is apparent just watching the video:

‘Another Other is a riveting and fragmented series of micro movements, collectively composed to merge filmic and musical elements just as characters’ identities merge in Bergman’s film. This hyper-expanded cinematic experience shows our mental life to be a complicated mesh of meaning, open to interpretation.’

via Persona repersonified – Klare Lanson, RealTime Arts


‘Buy a ticket, find out your character’

supercinema2Supercinema at the McKittrick Hotel: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, 13 Feb. 2016.

I really loved this film. I remember dreaming about it in the lead-up to its release; so it feels like a good match with Sleep No More in terms of its tendency to inhabit the sleeping mind.

But, looking at the ‘buy tickets’ page and the big list of character pictures, I’m wondering – will this be anything more than a big dress-up party?

Not that there’s anything wrong with it just being a party where you’re given a character ‘category’ to dress as (e.g. the Montagues or the Capulets)… but wouldn’t it be amazing if the experience somehow transcended that. I’m imagining that ‘through the fishtank’ scene in the movie – the immersion and wonder and speechlessness of that. Would there be a way to create that feeling and experience (which is necessarily intimate) for more than a few audience members at such a large event? Does it matter?