Dear 2017

It would be easy to throw a match and walk away while you burn. But I won’t do that. I know it wouldn’t be entirely fair. Yes, too much death and hardship. Too many challenges on the health front. Too many loved ones in peril. Too much bad behaviour, bad choices, bad situations. Too much instability. Too much violence. Too much hurt. And not everyone and everything made it to the end.

But there were some good things in there. Or things I’ll choose to remember and take some pleasure and/or pride in any way. Here goes – all of these things took some measure of courage and effort.  Continue reading

This year of “xxxxxx”

So far, this year (this year of “xxxxxx”) has been a doozy.

As I wrote in the post linked above, I have that superstitious leaning towards believing that what’s happening at midnight of a New Year will somehow describe (or determine) the coming year.

At the transition of 2016-2017 I was hearing fireworks. But not seeing them. Was that an important distinction? I do feel like this year so far has been a little explosive. I’ve tried some new things. Maybe there were some fireworks. Or maybe those fireworks were only in my mind’s eye/ear and otherwise not quite present. Like the fireworks I could hear but not see. Continue reading

As 2016 becomes 2017

As 2016 becomes 2017 I’m listening, for the first time, to Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It’s dark, and lovely. I wonder if I could use the same words to describe 2016? Dark, certainly… Lovely, I’m not so sure, although there has certainly been a lot of good. Actually, if I really think about it and push back that dark curtain that is all of the deaths, cruelties and victories, there have been quite a few lovely moments. Overall, at least on a personal level, I think the good has outweighed the bad.

And so, the time to make resolutions or, as I did for this year, choose your ‘one word’ instead has come around again. In 2016 my word was shape-shifting. It turned out to be quite apt- I lost track of it a few times but, nonetheless, it seemed to lead the way. I moved house, city and job and there were quite a few occasions where I felt the need to become (or that I had already become) something less familiar.

This year I want both a word and some resolutions. I have a big year ahead, I think I’ll need both.

[The stroke of midnight fireworks must be about to happen here. I wonder if I’ll be able to see and hear them as I write?] Continue reading