Don’t I know who I am?

I left Facebook recently.*

Since then, I’ve been wondering what someone will find if they want to go looking for me on the interwebs. And I’ve come face-to-face again with the funny situation in the digital world of having a really very, very common name.** As in, there are people in the same town with my name; and there was a person with the same name at my workplace.

Of course, there’s also the ongoing issues with my email address and other people giving it out as their email address (and the weird, weird collection of personal information and potential access that this means I receive) but that’s a whole other convoluted story…

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“This is a rare opportunity to build a whole new type of game—it taking place on an actual train, with other passengers on board, adds a lot to the dynamics of an escape room experience,” says InsideOut’s Ágnes Kaszás. “To my knowledge, it is the longest-running game ever made, and we are very excited to be able to design it in the spirit of the new hit movie. It’s a dream come true, both for us and the players!”

Source: TBWA Is Turning a Speeding Train Into an Escape Room for Murder on the Orient Express – Adweek