Survival mode

Maybe the end of this year was always going to be like this, a time when all of the things that had been keeping me on my toes this year were going to come together in a big bang and demand attention and resolution in one way or another. Some okay. Some extremely confusing and/or difficult. Moments of high emotion are really not the best times to be making decisions. Though that emotion, and the momentum it provides, can certainly be quite persuasive and hard to resist.

Anyway, it’s kind of thrown me into an extended high-angst, high-stress, delirious survival mode. So it seems sort of fitting that one of my (very unexpected) coping mechanisms has been to start doing the Zombies, Run! 5K training program.

I started on Christmas Day – around lunchtime. It was so quiet. I don’t think I saw a single person in the streets. And certainly no one in the parkland / forest area I went to explore. It made the sound effects and scenario of the ‘mission’ I was on – particularly when running from the zombies – really quite immersive! i.e. It wasn’t dissimilar to this:

It’s never been as quiet since, but I’m realising that this is a good thing. One aspect of taking up a running habit that I wasn’t really prepared for is how to be ‘safe’. The parklands are a great place – and even have a little outdoor gym equipment area I recently discovered – but there are a lot of trees, a lot of secluded paths, and not so very many people passing by.

Really consciously thinking about my safety is a lesson I’ve heard loud and clear from 2017. I’d definitely been making a few assumptions. For example – walking very short distances alone at night is okay. Not so true it turns out.

And so it may be that running on my own, even during the day, and even in areas designed for community exercise and recreation is also not necessarily a safe bet. So I need to rethink place and/or the on my ownness of it.

I also need to work out what on Earth I’m going to do with my iPhone. Not such a good look to have to keep retrieving it as it slides down from under my waistband and down the leg of my pants…

Anyway, thank goodness for the moments of peace and distraction that can be gained from getting out and moving and blasting some Zombies, Run and/or ‘Robot Run’ playlist into your ears!

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