Quick update re PhD research survey/s

Quick update about where things are at the moment re my PhD research survey/s:

  • Responses to the main SNM experience survey keep flooding in. So wonderful. Can’t wait to dive into that. I’ll probably keep the survey open for a good while yet though so there’s still plenty of time to add your voice.
  • Responses also coming in to the ‘opt-in’ for interview which is incredibly wonderful. I’ll be starting to contact people in the next week or so re scheduling (particularly those who might be available for a face-to-face interview in NYC in December).

I also know that I’m way overdue in getting to the next installment of my ‘introduction to SNM‘ recap that started here. That’s mainly just a reflection of how busy I’ve been. But, I’ve realised I’m also slightly … intimidated? Why intimidated? Well, for one, so many people have shared their SNM experiences online with such poetry and insight; the bar is high! Also, SNM has pretty literally been a ‘life-changer’ for me. So, attempting to capture that (and fix it in writing) is intimidating.

But, these are the kinds of challenges that I imagine many people writing up SNM recaps might face so, even just as an exercise in feeling first-hand what that might be like, this struggle is really useful. But, I’ve set myself a deadline. Part 2 will be  written and up here by this time next week 🙂

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