Missing days

In 1844, according to Atlas Obscura, the Philippines skipped a day.

What would happen, I wonder, if we added or skipped a day in 2016? What would be required to happen (from a logistics point of view) to enable it? What might justify it? Occasionally I read articles suggesting that people in some parts of the world are working too much; perhaps the solution is to add an extra day to the weekend or to double the length of an existing day. What would happen if Sunday was 48, rather than 24, hours long?

This article about the missing day in the Philippines was in my newsfeed this morning but it’s actually not the first time this week this idea of absent days has been suggested to me. I’m also reading The Manual of Detection by Jebediah Berry at the moment and (minor spoiler) it also references a missing day.

I eagerly await the third mention.


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