Is that all there is?

So this is it. I’m nearing the end of my visit to NYC and I’m alarmed that I still haven’t updated this blog. But, much much more alarming is that tonight is my last visit to Sleep No More. For this trip. Possibly forever.

Part of me wants to head in and try to check-off some of the scenes I haven’t yet seen (e.g. the first prophecy) but I think I’m just going to do my best to chase the magic instead. What is the magic? I think the magic for me are the moments when I feel ‘close’ to the world of the show. Part of that is seeing something new or unexpected but it’s also anytime when I’m being more than I’m thinking about being.

My most recent visit was a double (two shows in one night). At the late show I found it really, really difficult to find moments that would let me into the show. I was either seeing things I’d seen before or, more often, feeling frustrated by the crowds because no matter how many times I tried to avoid the crowds it seemed I could only find a different crowd. But maybe this was exacerbated by my exhaustion and how much I’d loved the early show. Still, I found one or two moments and the whole experience forced me to do something I’d been meaning to try: heading back to the Manderley during the show.

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