I’m ahead of schedule. Very rarely do I get to write that!

This year felt too slow. And sometimes obstructive. But a benefit is that I’ve had plenty of cause to reflect and review and, for this reason, I have a better understanding of both ‘the year that was’ and ‘the next year I want’ than usual.

I’ve selected my ‘one word‘ for 2018. It’s much more deliberate than what happened this year, my xxxx year.

My one word for 2018 is alchemist.

Alchemist wasn’t the first or only word I tried on for fit. But it’s the one that feels right. It was almost going to be alchemy instead … until I realised no, this word needs agency … it’s not passive, something that can happen to me, it’s who I’m going to be. The alchemist.

So what does this mean? The alchemist:

  • transforms things for the better
  • experiments
  • works with heat
  • believes in healing
  • seeks perfection but also balance
  • sees possibilities that others don’t or that are outside of the norm
  • works in mysterious ways, but ways that nonetheless contribute to innovation, discovery and advancement
  • keeps secrets

I imagine this also means I’m going to spend a lot of time working. Possibly in some kind of underground lair. But what’s new 🙂


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