Custom immersive experience/theatre?

I found my way to the The Other Way Works website via their Kickstarter for an re-staging/tour of Black Tonic.

There are some very, very interesting production concepts listed on their website, including this one for Afterlife:

Afterlife will be a 3 night residential retreat for 12 participants.

Participants will be led through a programme of creative exercises in small groups to allow them to surface and explore a series of positive memories. From these they will select ONE memory from their life so far that would like to live in for eternity.
An immersive experience of their chosen memory will be created for each participant, and they will receive a box of artistic interpretations of the memory (memory souvenirs) to take home that will act as memory triggers.

The retreat will be held in a secluded location in the UK.

The project is inspired by the 1998 film After Life by Kore-eda Hirokazu.


Afterlife R&D from The Other Way Works on Vimeo.

Wow. Talk about ambitious! But what an experience that could be. A really important one to have a clear promotional message about when it comes to fruition though. Is it therapy? Theatre? A creativity workshop? So many possibilities and possibly conflicting expectations… But I’m certainly intrigued!

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