As 2016 becomes 2017

As 2016 becomes 2017 I’m listening, for the first time, to Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It’s dark, and lovely. I wonder if I could use the same words to describe 2016? Dark, certainly… Lovely, I’m not so sure, although there has certainly been a lot of good. Actually, if I really think about it and push back that dark curtain that is all of the deaths, cruelties and victories, there have been quite a few lovely moments. Overall, at least on a personal level, I think the good has outweighed the bad.

And so, the time to make resolutions or, as I did for this year, choose your ‘one word’ instead has come around again. In 2016 my word was shape-shifting. It turned out to be quite apt- I lost track of it a few times but, nonetheless, it seemed to lead the way. I moved house, city and job and there were quite a few occasions where I felt the need to become (or that I had already become) something less familiar.

This year I want both a word and some resolutions. I have a big year ahead, I think I’ll need both.

[The stroke of midnight fireworks must be about to happen here. I wonder if I’ll be able to see and hear them as I write?]

Actually, I want to make a quick confession. Even though I’m all about the goals, etc. as above I’m actually much more superstitious (fatalistic?) than this. I’ve had the superstition for a while now that whatever you are doing when the clock ticks over to midnight where you are will shape what you’ll spend the majority of the coming year doing.

[I hear fireworks.]

And here I am this year – listening to music, hearing fireworks, and writing 🙂 So, maybe, just maybe, this might be the year that conscious effort and goal setting and the superstitious winds that I travel on will all be in sync.

Happy New Year. Welcome 2017, Year of the “xxxx”.

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